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Qingzhou trinity chemical co., LTD. Is located in the cultural history of the ancient kyushu, one of the qingzhou,Is located in the middle of shandong province,Here long,Because of its"Left there was solid,Have rich sea right rao",Is known as"Haidai eye"。
Our main products are reverse osmosis scale inhibitor、Mould inhibitor、Preservatives、Fungicide、The corrosion scale inhibitor、RPReverse osmosis membrane fungicide,In advance、Release agent, etc。


Reverse osmosis scale inhibitorSY-0100 / Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor(Alkaline)SY-191 / Reverse osmosis special fungicide / Reverse osmosis cleanerSY-A / Reverse osmosis cleanerSY-B / Mould inhibitor / Dry film mould inhibitor / Wood preservativesACQ