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City real estate group >>
  Real estate development for the real estate industry has three qualities,In development capabilities10Million square meters。Scope of business covers the housing、Commercial real estate development、Commodity house…
The west city group construction >>
Construction industry is one of the pillar industries in the west city group,Subordinate sichuan city construction group co., LTD,Have national approval of housing construction project construction general contracting two…
City logistics industry group >>
  Steel market—Located in the economic and technological development zone, south of the town of science and technology,Is approved by the municipal government by the original steel market move Established professional steel wholesale market…
Wl group services >>
  Kennan business hotel—Is located in mianyang city in the north-south trunk road intersection center changhong road and garden road interchange——Science and technology commission overpass adjacent,The geographical position is superior…
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