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      Zhucheng mindray plastic co., LTD,Located in the north of zhucheng economic development zone,Shun king street station,206National road on the east side,The geographical position is superior,Traffic developed。The company covers an area of20000㎡,Already built workshop3000㎡,Now the worker80People,The engineer7People,Technical personnel20People,Domestic advanced sheet production line2The article。

     Company is a specialized production and processing for the domestic and foreign food production enterprisesPP、PS、PET、BOPSSuch as environmental protection high-tech sheet material suppliers。The main products include li riceses leave、Rice pudding bowl、Sauce bowl、The yoghurt cup、The ice cream cup、The jelly cup、Drink a cup、Plastic tray、Joe box, etc,Widely used in food、Fruits and vegetables、Electrons、Stationery、Hardware、Pharmaceutical products such as packaging。

     Companies adhering to the“In order to create the future of science and technology,With the high-quality goods return society”The aim of development,Self-improvement。In the continuous efforts of staff and the support of the broad masses of customers,Company to sustainable development,Company products sell well in domestic market,And exported to Singapore,South Korea,Countries such as Japan and Europe and the United States。Sincerely welcome you to plant guidance or enquiries。

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Address:Zhucheng nine industrial park       A mobile phone:15098176766       Contacts:Sun manager      Web site for the record:LuICPTo prepare18024540Number
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