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Provincial federation of industry and commerce、Poverty relief office to our research“Thousands of companies to help thousands of village”Poverty alleviation work accurately
4Month17Day,Provincial federation of industry and commerce、Provincial office of research group,By the provincial federation of industry and economy in shu-hui zhang led to our company“Thousands of companies to help thousands of village”Accurate poverty alleviation work research and parameter check。Municipal party committee united front work department, deputy minister、City federation of industry and party secretary Zhu Yunyun...
2019-1-24Innovation drive To build the future-----Hong Hong Kong electric reported annual lunar New Year
2019Years1Month22Day,Chizhou hong Hong Kong science and technology electronics co., LTD“Innovation drive、To build the future”The theme of the party was held in the overseas Chinese overseas Chinese hotel hall!From the brothers unit、The guests and partners with hong Hong Kong family together。 The male...
2018-12-5Chizhou hong Hong Kong branch electricity for two fusion evaluation management system certificate
In recent days,Chizhou hong Hong Kong science and technology electronics co., LTD. By two fusion, jitc evaluation management system,By the national ministry of evaluation institutions—Shanghai institute of science and quality managementGB/T23001-2017“Two integration management body...
2018-9-18Provincial intellectual property office of the deputy director of DiYong to research
9Month18Monday morning,Provincial intellectual property office of the deputy director of DiYong、Chinese newspaper a long Cao Donggen of intellectual property,Changning of bopha technology bureau deputy bureau in the county、Accompanied by intellectual property office of the deputy bureau of changjiang river clean, etc,Research hong Hong Kong branch electrical and transfer of intellectual property right...
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Security monitoring system is introduced
Security monitoring system is the application of optical fiber、Coaxial cable or microwave transmission of video signals in the closed loop,And from the camera to figure...
What is the composition of the principle of linear motor?
A mobile electricity magnet by the three-phase ac electric field (As the stator),Around two rows of clip on both sides of aluminum plate (But...
What is the method of output switching power supply without maintenance?
The output voltage switch power day what are the cause of the malfunction?What is the method of its maintenance?Can be divided into two major classes:The beginning...
How waterproof touch switch works?What is the working principle?
Waterproof touch switch is a kind of functional electronic switch,When using only need to gently press the switch button to make a switch,The switch...

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