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    It happened10Years of experience in formic acid ethyl ester production,Is an independent production and operation of industry and trade enterprises,Formic acid ethyl ester production2000Tons!
    Headquarters is located in the provincial capital of nanchang in jiangxi province,Factory is located in shandong laiwu,It's rich in natural resources、The transportation is convenient、Is a high and new technology and new material base。The company was founded in2010Years,Is a company specializing in the production、Sales of fine chemicals products、Enterprise integrating industry and trade of pharmaceutical intermediates and other products。Companies adhere to the people-oriented,According to the market requirements,Specialises in shortage in the market of chemical reagents and fine medicine science and technology。At present,Company product variety,Main business products:Ethyl formate,Formic acid、Sodium formate、Ethanol....
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    The site of factory:Jiangxi nanchang qingshan lake area
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